Up in the air over who would do the best carpet cleaning job? So was I!! Look no more... Kirk's is the BEST! After several tries with others, I tried Kirk's and after he explained the difference with his machine versus others, I thought O.K. I'll try it. I'm glad I did. Well since then, I have told "He's the Best" to anyone who asks and several acquaintances now feel as I do. I'll never change. Thanks Jeff!!!!

Sincerely yours,
Sharon Silfies, Bethlehem, PA

Dear Jeffrey,

I just wanted to complement you on your wonderful service. To date, we have utilized your expertise to clean all of the carpets, as well as the upholstered items in our home...and we couldn't be more pleased. You are always very responsive and personable while arriving with clean, professional grade equipment providing a thorough job. We particularly appreciate your level of knowledge about the multiple fabrics in our home and how best to clean them. Your providing us with additional tools like the Clean Step Mat and stain spotters for in between cleanings indicate to us that you do care about our long-term needs and concerns. Many compliments on your work ethic and your fine service!

Best regards,
Sharon Lencheski

Dear Jeff,

Over the years we have tried different carpet cleaning services, but have never been satisfied. We finally found you and are extremely pleased. You not only took your time, but also did a fantastic job. Other cleaning companies were in and out in a flash and left behind detergent they didn't fully extract. Rest assured you will have all our future business, including the cleaning of the carpet and upholstery in our R.V.

Frank and Carol Nodoline, Easton, PA


Thanks again for getting me out of hot water... Had you not been able to extract and clean up all that adhesive it would have cost me 1000's. The Nursing Home is also quite pleased as this could have caused quite a bit of confusion for them. I want to thank you also for the expediency you showed during this emergency thereby alleviating much of the frustration for me and the client.

Bob Young, Bethlehem, PA

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to write a short note to express how pleased both my wife and I have been using your excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning service of yours.

You have provided us with exceptionally professional services for many years. He has always been quite courteous as well as informative in helping us with any of our special cleaning needs regarding our rugs, furniture, and special items.

I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a bona fide professional in what provides at a very reasonable cost.

Michael and Rebecca Bartolo

Dear Jeff,

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the carpet cleaning service that you have provided during the last year. Our carpets always look and smell great when you have finished with them. The cleaning system you use is very thorough and even though our carpets are 10 years old, they look almost new after you clean them. We appreciate your friendly service and that you take your time and do the job without rushing through it. Please use us as a reference for any prospective customer.

Joan Crowley, Allentown, PA

Dear Jeff,

My husband and I went searching through the Yellow Pages for a carpet cleaning service. I came upon your ad which seemed intelligent and lacking in slickness and false promises. You called us promptly and were very informative over the telephone. I was impressed enough to make an appointment to have our carpets cleaned. When you arrived you were very clear about what we could expect the results to be, since our carpets are 11 years old. I felt good knowing the products you used were safe. Our carpets look wonderful - you were very conscientious about moving carefully around tight spots, and behaved in a professional manner. I would certainly use your service again and would recommend your service to all our friends. Oh, I forgot, your service was reasonably priced as well! Thanks again for the great job.

Sincerely yours,
Gina and Valentine Flores


I had a small fire in my apartment and after all was said and done it was a mess. There was smoke and black sticky footprints all over my kitchen floor and carpets. I called Kirk's and left Jeff in my home by himself to clean the problem up. After I returned that night it was as if I had new carpets and a new kitchen floor. I would recommend Kirk's to anyone, he did a wonderful job.

Judith Latharus, Bethlehem, PA

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for the great work you did on my carpets, my husband has a workshop and when he comes in the house he always brings in dirt and sawdust that gets into my carpets. But the work you did was terrific, after you finished they looked new again.

Thanks again,
Letitia Yaworksi, Easton, PA

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to get our couch, loveseat and pillows cleaned. So, having just moved to a new area where I didn't really know anyone to ask for a reference. I opened the phone book, made a phone call to a carpet/upholstery cleaner and when I hung up, I didn't feel confident. So, I called the second name in the phone book that looked professional...Kirk's Upholstery & Carpet Care.

I felt that I could trust him by the way he gave me information and he actually knew that he would have to use a special product on my furniture. He was so courteous and did a great job! As I was writing him a check, he noticed I had my carpet cleaner solution out and informed me that I would be much better off using a professional carpet cleaner. I thought, that's his business, of course he should say that. Well, to make a long story short, he had me thinking when he left and after I read the information he gave me I decided to try his carpet cleaning system versus mine, just to see the difference. AND, SEE A DIFFERENCE I DID! My carpet looked brand new! I wish I knew that before I spent $275 on my carpet cleaning machine.

Then, he told me about the Clean Step Mat, which I now fondly call "Sticky Mat". I was skeptical, of course, and then he insisted I try one of his. After 3 days I noticed I hadn't cleaned my hardwood floors for a while. And, come to think of it, there were paw prints on the mat after my dog stepped on it even though I had already wiped my dogs paws. I AM HOOKED!

It is one of the smartest inventions for all of us "neat freaks" or anyone who is so tired of wiping your dogs feet and yet they still find a way to get dirt on the floors. The Clean Step Mat got the little extra dirt I missed in the cool thing is I can see the dirt I would have missed and would have had to clean later. I highly recommend that if you are a person that takes your shoes off in the house you won't be worried if someone doesn't because their dirt will be on the mat and not your nice floor. It is amazing how much dirt one tracts in! And the neat part is, you can see it.

Thank you Jeffrey Kirk!
Hope and Jeff Leitinger,
Parkview Estates/Palmer Township, PA

Kirk's has been maintaining the carpets and upholstery in our home for over 2 years now. Jeff is there on a regular basis cleaning our carpets and upholstery, with a dog and two children, need I say more. Jeff has gotten out some amazing stains and made our couch and carpeting look like new. Jeff Kirk is an honest and caring guy who puts his customers and business first, it really shows. He even takes care of our "emergency" spills and stains with relative ease.

We have used Kirk's a number of times to have our carpet and upholstery cleaned...and we've never been disappointed! We bought our house 2 1/2 years ago and our family room carpet is 12 years old, a very good quality carpet, but it gets lots of wear and tear. We were ready to replace it, but decided to have it cleaned yet one more time. Jeff did his magic and it looks like new again! Jeff is always professional, courteous and informative and we will never hesitate to recommend Kirk's to our friends.

Eileen & Brian Bremmer

Kirk's Upholstery & Carpet Care is the only company I trust to clean the carpeting in my home. After trying other companies I am extremely pleased with Kirk's quality and service I've always received. We have three small dogs, so I need extra help in keeping our carpet clean and fresh. Jeff Kirk is very experienced, kind and trustworthy.

Denise Weitz, Easton, Pa.

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